Hey there! I’m Courtney, an Australian voice actress and marine biologist. I’ll work closely with you to breathe life into your project, and help you create truly engaging and captivating content.My broadcast-ready home studio means I can produce professional, reliable results, tailored exactly to your needs. If you want a bright, expressive, and natural sound, delivered promptly and efficiently let’s chat!I'm experienced in eLearning, audiobook narration, gaming, animation, commercial (TVC, web, radio, and corporate reads!

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Ever since I was little, I loved two things above all others: performing and science.From my first ever job as a wedding violinist, working as a character actor at theme parks through to live theatre shows, and voice acting the arts have always held a big part in my life.Likewise, my natural curiosity for the world around me had me enrolled in IBM internships at the age of 10, working in museums, studying medicine at 16 and eventually moving on to now being a marine biologist studying honours and trying to bring endangered species of seahorse (Hippocampus whitei) back from the brink of extinction.In my spare time you can find me diving into fantasy worlds and storytelling. Immersed in TTRPGs like Pathfinder2E, and video games like Hades and World of Warcraft, as well as building cosplays to express my love of my favourite worlds.

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• Audiobox USB
Internet Speed
• 109.42mbps download
• 42.23mbps upload

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• Low
• Medium
• High

• Australian (Native)
• General American
• British RP
• Irish

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• Child
• Teenager
• Young Adult/ Youth
• Adult

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Courtney is a fully qualified Marine Biologist who recently gratuated with First Class Honours in Environmental Science with the UTS Fish Ecology lab.She's currently heavily involved with the Sydney Seahorse Project and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and is helping to develop methods to help rehabilitate wild populations of the native and endangered Hippocampus whitei (White's Seahorse), and is the midst of writing a thesis entitled Improving the husbandry of White’s Seahorse for conservation. Focusing on understanding ideal feeding reginmins, and on the habitat preference selection of juvenile H. whitei.She's also an avid SCUBA diver.

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